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Letter from Dr. Peroz to Batuz


Reply from Batuz

Dear Nazir,

How right you are to have named this work of the youth of the world “Borderless”. Since only if we are able to overcome all borders – only then, will we turn this chaotic world into a Global Society. Until then we are already a well functioning imaginary society. But by eliminating borders we come closer and closer to a global society.

This is why I choose to rename the platform “Borderless” to “The Social Network of the Société Imaginaire”, because the Société Imaginaire is the main concept which contains all others. The projects are different but have the same goal – overcoming the isolation and the borders that separate us, but realized with different means and by different people. “Helmets for Peace”, “Communication through Art”, “no más fronteras”, “Correspondence”, etc. – all of them are connected with each other. This way of interconnectedness truly mirrors my theory of “Interrelation of Forms” (See The Phillips Collection Catalog, 1978).





When the imaginary is brought to paper it begins to live. That thread which here and now joins poets and artists begins to become real. And the Société Imaginaire comes to life.

Julio María Sanguinetti
Former President of Uruguay

A dream brought into reality in the company of a group […] in that instant it quickly becomes reality. Thus will the beautiful collective dream of Batuz be born.

Belisario Betancur
Former President of Colombia


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