A Letter from the Kennedy Center to Batuz

Dear Mr. Batuz,

It was a distinct pleasure to talk to you today about the possibility of the Société Imaginaire meeting in Washington at the Kennedy Center next October or November.

The Kennedy Center is pleased to offer to you our facility for any number of discussions and meetings. We will also arrange a performance and promote it with press and advertising. I do hope that there will be some time where we can arrange a luncheon as well. As soon as you inform me of the appropriate time I will get in touch with Henry Millon at the National Gallery of Art and attempt to arrange an exhibition in conjunction with your meetings here.

I look forward to receiving some information from you on the Société. This will be very helpful to us in our various brochures. It would be excellent if you could include some color slides and some black and white photos as well. We are planning an important press conference February 1, 1995 and I am hoping that we can announce your participation at that time. Do you think it is feasible that we can do so?

It will be a privilege to work with you on this project and your involvement will add an important dimension to The Kennedy Center’s twenty-fifth anniversary season. I am confident that we will see our plans come to fruition next fall.

With best wishes,
Sheldon Schwartz
Associate Managing Director
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts