Aida Seroussi about Altzella

For me Altzella means the sharpening of the senses and sensations: the moist pastures, the chirping of the birds, full contact with nature. And the mysterious beauty of the monastery in ruins in the midst of the fresh greenness, floating about us and suggesting other epochs, increases even more the sense of enchantment of the place.

It seems incredible to me to find myself in this slice of paradise, together with people who love art and who in a most natural way, share knowledge and life experiences for out mutual enrichment.

Each dawn for me means another total commitment to sculpture, isolated from the day to day and with a great internal peace, which I need so much in order to create. This experience in Altzella will remain engraved in me, a kind of proof that it is indeed possible to make a total commitment to artistic creation and that all of these smells, colors and sounds that I have absorbed here will last forever in my memory and will be the source of future inspiration.