Ambassador Spohn: World Conflicts

The world is not a safe place. The international peace order is still very rudimentary – especially when compared to its tasks ahead. This is demonstrated more than clearly by a few figures computed by researchers in peace studies: In 2011 there were worldwide 36 armed conflicts and 25 wars, and the tendency points upwards. The victims? As we know mostly civilians, especially children, a fact that made the UN Secretary General install a special Rapporteur on the problem „Children and Armed Conflicts“. You have to close your eyes very firmly not to see these realities. The argument does not convince any longer, that why should I care „when back in Turkey peoples hit each other on the head“ (Goethe, „Faust“) – in a world in which an obscure islamophobic video can raise the ire of people from Indonesia to Mauritania.

Sure enough, there are efforts undertaken by the UN to secure the peace through the deployment of „blue helmets“ – nowadays even with a robust mandate or with mandates for other suited or willing organizations. More than 100,000 soldiers and a great number of civilian experts with resources of billions of dollars worth work in that direction. Their efforts may be insufficient, but they nevertheless deserve our full support. This does not only apply to the governments, but also to the civil societies in the UN member states. And exactly that is missing! All too often we leave these soldiers and experts alone on their dangerous missions in foreign lands.

As Batuz says: They are a global army without a people to back them.

Batuz undertook to change that in a completely independent and peculiar way by creating the idea of the Société Imaginaire and the project „Helmets for Peace“. A courageous and philanthropic enterprise! Unselfish, self-sacrificing, noble, original, future oriented.

Dr. Hans Ulrich Spohn
Former Ambassador