President César Gaviria about “no más fronteras en las Americas”

The Société Imaginaire, as its name implies, is a search for utopia by promoting dignity and justice via projects that encourage mutual understanding among human beings.

This ideal of peace, to which many eminent personalities have subscribed over the past two decades, also insists on doing away with nationalistic credos and on the opening of borders or isolated political systems that conceal the schemes of single individuals. Thus, the proposal for a peaceful convention, the foundations of which help realize the common goal for a better world, where mutual respect is the obligation of each individual for all others.

In The Imaginary Museum Andre Malraux proposes a synthesis of art history from all countries and from all periods as an open document that affirms how from the perspective of art, man proposes and selects his destiny. In a similar way, the Société Imaginaire has produced a series of portfolios that bear witness to its aspirations in documents, that bring together the possibilities of a common language that speaks of brotherhood among the peoples of America. These portfolios reside in several of the most prestigious museums in the world.

The last in this series of collaborations, the Batuz-Miłosz portfolio, was acquired by the National Gallery in Washington, and we bring it here on this occasion as an excellent example to follow Batuz’ call for “no más fronteras en las Americas”.

Beyond being a call, this enterprise is a challenge for the future; it obliges us to choose our path: a dead end or a common future for all to share.

Signature of César Gaviria