The different sections of the platform contain articles on diverse projects, which, though done with different means and by different people, have always had the same goal – overcoming of borders, creating a global society. From over one hundred projects I chose these sections because of their importance and actuality.


Section I. The Société Imaginaire

“Suddenly I am in the air, taken by the wind, above all limits, on this magical carpet woven by Batuz with his Société Imaginaire.” – Enrique Molina

I established the Société Imaginaire in 1984, forging links among representatives of the most remote cultures in the world by tying them closer to each other through my method. It was an effort done exactly two decades before Facebook; in reality, the Société Imaginaire is its predecessor. Now it must be clear to everybody that it is a cultural answer to globalization.

We are not a club or a political party, nor do we have any hidden interests. We are an independent association of human beings who believe in real democracy – on both sides of the border. We are an association of “Gleichgesinnte Andersdenkende” (similar-minded people). The Société Imaginaire is a living example of the Magna Carta (United Nations), all of its members agreeing that there is only one way to overcome borders – tolerance and respect for others.


Section II. “Helmets for Peace” in the Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr Dresden (Bundeswehr Military History Museum in Dresden)

“Behind “Helmets for Peace” lies an immense conceptual notion that goes far beyond the work itself. It is rare for works of art to arise that immediately require a direct continuation around the globe. “Helmets for Peace” is not a piece of art made for an atelier or artists studio, or even for a locality or urban area. Rather it is a visual contemplation in a world community.” –  Prof. Dr. Dieter Ronte, Director Kunstmuseum Bonn

Military history museum in Dresden

Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr Dresden (Photo: CC BY 3.0 Kolossos)

The grand opening of the exhibition of the second installation of the work of art “Helmets for Peace” will take place in the Miltärhistorisches Museum of the Bundeswehr in Dresden on March 2, 2015 at 6:00pm. “Helmets for Peace” is not just a work of art. It has become a symbol of peace and the initiator of a movement. In the next two years this huge mural (4 x 8 m) will be accessible for the broader public at the museum, where the message for peace of “Helmets for Peace” will reach hundreds of thousands of people. In this section here we will report on everything regarding the work of art.


Section III. Helmets For Peace e.V.

The corresponding association to the – Helmets for Peace e.V. is the caretaker and intermediary between the Global Army and the Global Society. It calls attention to this matter and works for establishing closer and extended relations to the United Nations’ peace missions.

Only when the Global Soldiers, who are members of the missions of peace, are supported not by nations but by deeply convinced individuals – Global Citizens, only then a Global Army has a chance. As Clausewitz said, only that army will win, which has stronger civil support. Since this is not a national army, but an army fighting for global peace, it can get this support only when a Global Society supports them.


Section IV. The New Intermediary

We are the first truly global broadcast. We do not depend on any national entity. We are not representing any nation, religion or political view. Through our section “The New Intermediary” you can read materials via a global point of view.


Section V. Correspondence

“The understanding of others is a contradictory ideal: It asks that we change without changing, that we be another without ceasing to be ourselves.” – Octavio Paz

The Correspondence Project has extended itself throughout the years to various other projects of the Société Imaginaire, fulfilling its proposition to continually record the testimonials of those dedicated to this undertaking’s aim to communicate. Each contribution is lighting a candle which illuminates a certain corner of the world. This continuous exchange from various corners of the world begins to shed light, providing a unique perspective of a universal viewpoint instead of an isolated one, establishing a transcendence from local to global.

The original graphic portfolios of the Société Imaginaire bring together world renowned poets and artists from different regions. The prologue or introductory texts are usually written by outstanding personalities, for example, presidents: Julio M. Sanguinetti, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Richard von Weizsäcker. The poems are printed from manuscript originals by, for example, Seamus Heaney, Arthur Miller, Mark Strand, Alvaro Mutis, Czeslav Milosz, Hans Magnus Enzensberger and many others. The handwritten texts are illustrated by the artists and printed on Altzella-hand-made paper, signed and numbered 100/100. The portfolios are than donated to major Museums, for example, the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the National Gallery in Prague, Albertinum, Vienna, Kupferstichkabinett, Dresden, and many others.

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