Frank Getlein about Batuz’ Art

In his own ways and for his own purposes, Batuz also has used the effects of cut out, or torn, colored papers, and, like Picasso, has transmuted this transitory medium into one of permanence, oil on canvas.

Batuz does not actually “paint” with papers: he paints with paint; but the effect, especially when seen in page-size reproduction, as in this publication, often suggests shapes arrived at by tearing papers, laying them on top of one another, moving them about until a sort of occult, non-geometric, non-measurable “balance” is struck.

Invariably, the paintings of Batuz do strike such a balance, convince the viewer that a shade to the left or right and the picture wouldn’t work, a change in the color relationships, not necessarily in the colors themselves, might be fatal.

What has been sought and achieved is a formal perfection all the more admirable because it is never reducible to rational, geometric analysis.

Like the music of Bach, the paintings of Mondrian, for instance, can be analyzed quantitively as a key to the sources of their quality.

The paintings of Batuz defy such analysis, yet always arrive at the same kind of inevitability.

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Catalog “The Phillips Collection”, USA, 1978


Aba No.1 122x127cm, 1975, oil on canvas

Aba No.1 122x127cm, 1975, oil on canvas