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1. Registration
2. Create account
3. Blog
4. Gallery
5. Members
6. Groups


1. Registration

Is the registration and the usage of Borderless free of charge?

Borderless is a free community site for everyone in order to maintain the peace of the world. It’s free and you will never have to pay for using your created account.

How can I register at Borderless?

From the Login/-out page you can choose “Register” and create your own account. Name, username, email address, and password will be required.

What are the benefits of registering?

By registering yourself, you are enabled to participate directly in the community. Gallery and Groups are for only registered users enabled.


2. Create your own account

My username was rejected during the registration process.

Since your username is the way by which the community will recognise you, it should be unique. Already registered usernames can not be used again. In this case, please choose another username.

My email-address was rejected during the registration process.

Please check if you have written your email-address correctly. Please note that any spam email address will be blocked.

I got no confirmation email.

Try to login directly using your username and password. If your account is still deactivated, please wait a moment for the confirmation email.
Otherwise please contact our admin:


3. Blog

Read Blog.

Guests are allowed to read and also post comments for the posted blog articles.


Whose pictures and arts are shown in the Gallery?

You are permitted to see the Batuz Gallery only.

May I upload my own pictures?


I want to have my own Gallery.

Sorry, we don’t support user galleries.


5. Members

I cannot find a friend who has registered himself recently.

Only activated user accounts can be found. Ensure that his/her account has been activated.


6. Groups

I want to define the members of my own Group.

If you want to open up your Group only to specific persons you can use the Group type “Invite to join” to allow invited members only or “Approval to join” for approved members only. “Invited members only” means, that your group is not visible to others, unless you invite them to join. Whereas with “approved members only” your group can be seen by everybody, but your approval is needed to join the group.

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