President Pastrana Borrero: At the Kennedy Center

I do not think there is anyone
after their first encounter
with the Société Imaginaire
– seed in the creative
mind and dynamic will
of Batuz – whose initial reaction
would not be skeptical, which is
the characteristic of ideas that break through
rigid traditional schemas.

At the same time I am sure there are few who
by penetrating this original conception
are not captivated by the conviction that there is no
similar force towards an idea which interprets
the changing winds of the times, and the reflection
on the reasoning that the young rebels
from 1968 had while engraving in
the walls that witness history;
“Power is the Imagination”

The imagination is the faculty of
cardinal virtue when motivated
by a noble and generous ambition. And if Batuz
with that accomplishes a fruitful seed which
germinates in more and more consciences, then the society
of the next century will be Imaginary and less
dogmatic, because in the very end
imagination is impregnated with dreams;
and as quoted from the Spanish writer of the
Golden Century; “dreams are what we dream”

Pastrana Borrero
Former President of Colombia
Washington D.C. – XI – 7/95