President Sanguinetti: To the Société Imaginaire

We read, listen and watch; we, the everyday inhabitants of the nightly news. Catastrophes become instantaneous. We watch, but do we see? Do we know ourselves any better as a result of what we see? Do we really know what things mean in all of these different places? The TV viewing citizen, Homo Coca-Jeanens; does he have the world in his home, or is he more alone than ever?

The Société Imaginaire stretches a thread between cultures and weaves a dialogue. Poets and artists. Words and forms. The Americas and Europe. Latinos, Germans and Slavs. Human beings all of us in our strength and also in our frailty, understanding each other across oceans and distances, borders and silences.

Only by comparing do we nurture understanding. Nothing is learned nor can anyone be known in isolation. Beneath the surface there flows a deep and fresh current, humanistic, creative and universal. Horror has become too globalized for us to renounce bringing together the best of ourselves: pure forms recently created, words that are music, lines that are words. In creating we give life; we assume our miraculous condition and push away the demons that lie always in ambush, hiding behind ignorance that fills us with fear and draws us toward hatred.

When the imaginary is brought to paper it begins to live. That thread which here and now joins poets and artists begins to become real. And the Société comes to life.

Julio María Sanguinetti
Former President of Uruguay