Prof. Dr. Ronte: Interrelation of Forms – the Democratization of Art

In the history of the visual arts there are many styles and schools, but very few basic ideas that provoke completely new ways of apprehension. The advancement of abstract art a century ago was not only a counterpoint to figurative art; it changed our entire vision and understanding of the world.

A similar breakthrough took place through the investigation of the Interrelation of Forms by Batuz. In a work that has developed over a period of almost fifty years he has visualized this same idea through various means: initially through painting, now, really, through people. In the year 1984 Batuz’ Société Imaginaire, which is essentially an interrelation of cultures, began to bring together prominent individuals from all sectors in art, politics, and science to create new and effective means of cross cultural exchange. He had a great and enthusiastic response from many of them.

As powerful as this activity was, it remained mostly an intellectual approach. As an artist he needed to see it. This is why he has created the Working Center at Altzella.

In hundreds of different workshops he brought together people from distant cultures, different professions and age groups, distinct intellectual backgrounds, and diverse economical and social strata.

Through these experiments Batuz has demonstrated the interrelation of forms in culture, thereby achieving nothing less than the democratization of art by making it accessible to all levels of society throughout the world.

As this new approach continues to develop in art and in other fields, much like what happened with abstract art a century ago, we will witness a change in our entire vision and understanding of the world.