The Fundación Batuz Uruguay is a direct consequence of Uruguay’s longstanding participation in the Société Imaginaire. Already before the great manifesto signed back in 1997, at the annual meeting of the Société Imaginaire held at the Villa Colina in Cadenabia, which officially declared the dedication by many respectable leaders to the cause of such an organization, Batuz and the Société Imaginaire had visited this small country many times before, already implanting many of its methods through various projects. Over the years Uruguay has played an essential role as both host and guest to many of the Société Imaginaire’s activities. Today, the Fundación Batuz Uruguay is especially helping to face many of our global challenges by setting an example with their unique application of the Société Imaginaire’s most novel project, no más fronteras en la sociedad.

Since 1991, when Batuz made his first official visit to Uruguay, many of its leading citizens have become attracted to the idea behind the Societe Imaginaire and are helping to enable themselves and fellow countrymen to participate more and more in many of its global projects. The ex-president Julio M. Sanguinetti is a firm supporter of the idea who from the very beginning enthusiastically participated and has over the years greatly contributed to its growth and application. From participation in many and even assisting in the creation of one of the portfolios of the Société Imaginaire, to supporting the many exchange programs through which hundreds of Uruguayans were brought overseas as well as the many cultural projects under the concept of no más fronteras, he has led Uruguay and its citizens from all hierarchies to participate and support the Société Imaginaire at home and abroad. In Uruguay, not only have the acknowledged leaders in both the political and intellectual realm played key roles in the development of the undertakings methods, but people from all across the social strata have contributed greatly to its promotion which in turn proves the success of its aim of bringing people closer together.

Therefore, as was called for in the United States, an official non-profit organization was instated in order to physically represent the Société Imaginaire in Uruguay. It was not until 1997 that the aforementioned manifesto was signed which initiated the bureaucratic procedures for the official Fundación Batuz Uruguay. Since its creation the organization has been dedicated to the central goals of the Société Imaginaire and has been promoting them throughout the region as well as participating in other international projects overseas.

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